was stabbed to death by a teeth in Vietnam ,remedies for tooth decay, oral, diarrhea, injection depending on the disease and stage in each person. Currently there are some drugs are usually used by doctors such as: anti-inflammatory drug Lysozyme, Carbazochrome or some antibiotics Tetracyclin, Pennicilline, Docyxyline, Amoxicline to fight inflammation, infection, reduce pain. In addition, you should take good oral hygiene daily by brushing with a soft bristle brush, brushing properly, flossing after each meal to clean food on the teeth, mouthwash Warm salt water improves oral cavity. How to overcome the root cause tooth loss most effective Before undergoing dental root canal treatment, the dentist must undergo a thorough examination, 3D x-ray examination, general examination  every day while sleeping. This has the effect of reducing the sensitivity and wear of the tooth enamel, helping to strengthen the enamel and gradually restore the cement-bonded teeth and gums.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How long do you have to the best way teeth

The teeth are only stable when the teeth are full. Just missing out on any one tooth will lead to risks like tooth decay, gum depletion.

From what he described can be said above such as bone loss, gum and tooth loss are occurring possession of cases of missing teeth for many years without growing dentures as his case. The severe consequences of this situation that he may face in the future are the adjacent teeth are tilted, the teeth are better, weaker, the jaw bone in this position hammock heavier.

How long do you have to lose your teeth? Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In most cases, dental implant is the effective way to solve the problem of tooth loss. Just to compensate for the missing teeth, it is possible to maintain the stability of the teeth as well as the jaw.

In addition, dental implant for loss of teeth for years is a bit complicated, which is characterized by signs such as bone loss gums and bucket teeth. To grow a tooth in this situation, you need to practice gingivitis and straightening neighboring teeth that are tilted to the original position. After that new owners can proceed to plantation of teeth to the position of missing teeth.

The method of growing the teeth that you should use in this situation is implant implants. Because only this method can prevent prevention of bone loss in the gums for a long time. If the bridge is only a few years later, the gums will continue to hammock down, then, between the bridges with gingival banks will own the gap and the gap will widen, the restoration value will no longer. .

Only dental implants can keep the jaw stable. During dental implant surgery, he will be at the same time surgery to join the jaw bone to increase the gingival margin a complete way. Learn more about what to do if you have a broken tooth.

How specific treatment assistance will be given to you by your doctor when you visit the clinic. In the case of implants Implant, he will be applying advanced implant technology 4S at Dental I-DENT. vietnam dentist prices

With this technology, the root canal will be inserted into the jaw accurately in proportion, deep to deep and correlated with adjacent teeth. The bones’ integrations can reach maximum levels, quickly, without being eliminated. Beautiful teeth, not less force to the side of real teeth should help support chewing good. Teeth can be permanently maintained, assuming a coordinated care regimen.

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